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Son Of A Gun
Hiei's Quotes
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"Their mistakes were simple ones. Gouki's was overconfidence and Kurama... sympathy for his human prey." "You needn't worry Keiko, he likes you well enough." "A normal human would have succumbed to its power by now, but I see the geniuses in the Spirit World found a nice pick." "Soon you'll have a girlfriend who's a demon and an assisant who's dead." "You're a team player, a save the day super hero...... I hate people like you." "*laugh* I'm glad you're so enthused. The game will be more exciting this way."

Maze Castle Saga

"If those nothings were too much for you, we're going to have some trouble." "As far as I'm concerned, we're babystitting." "Your ugly friend has a good point detective. Are you sure you want to trust me? I've already vowed my revenge on you. Maybe I'll handle that now?" "Friends are just a crutch for the weak!" "I'm not about to die for the sake of you worthless humans!" "Tell your masters, this is their chance for mercy!" "And I wasn't acting. The only reason I saved you was because I might need your help later." "If those nothings were too much for you, we're going to have some trouble." "Let's avoid fighting. You're not worth it." "Heh, and I suppose you'd think it'd be noble if we all died as a team!?" "Obviously you are underestimating Kurama. Do you know why I chose him to be my partner? To avoid fighting him myself. Watch, he's more cutthroat than I when it comes to battle and even more precise." "And i have the feeling that you'll die..." "You see? In the end the fool runs away." "Do you think he knows it's a circle?" "Well, as it turns out he's only partially worthless." "Being lucky seems to be your greatest tactic." "The world doesn't give many chances. Looks like you've just lost your's." "Is that all you have to say, they're last words you know." "There are only stupid people around me, but they mean well." "If you don't trust his abilities, fight him and see." "I pursue strength!" "Pitifully simple."

Rescue Yukina

"Be strong sister. I'm coming." "All right. I wont make you cry."

Dark Tournament

"Hn. It seems you've improved your skills a little bit." "All we have to do is kill everyone else on the boat before we reach the island. We'll say we're the right team and no one will complain." "For once they're showing taste." "Do you think it is possible for you to shut up?" "Of course, even fools get lucky." "Too bad, I actually liked the jackass." "Maybe I can't kill the beast, but atleast I can still kill you!" "Look at that Kurama, and that was with my left arm, too." "Sorry a 30 foot killing machine wanted a word with us" "You talk, you die." "Go ahead, tell them I'm Yukina's brother, I won't mind torturing you to death." "What an arrogant fool!" "It wouldn't obey me when I gave it a specific command so I decided it needed to be punished." "I'm sure your minty-fresh breath was well worth the delay, what is that ridiculous appendage growing out of your head all about?" "Kurama! Don't make me pull out your precious voicebox!" "Hn, He's trying to talk in his sleep while he's awake" "Such power," "He's so neck deep in repression, even I feel sorry for him." "It's a shame that you couldn't have faced him instead and left Kurama to deal with the small child and his yo-yos." "I'll go. This one's been irritating me ever since last night." "Yes, he's so talented I'm reluctant to make the kill." "So my jagan eye might not be natural, but it does give me exactly what I need!" "I have the power to pull you into oblivion, I assume just my right arm will do." "You should have never insulted the Jagan eye because you see in a way it has its own mind and loathes disrespect, resisting it is not something I would do." "True pain takes time, my friend." "You know it's impossible to control it completely, once I release it I have no say." "Believe me, he's not coming back. That cinder's all that's left." "Don't worry fool, we've entered into an alliance and I'm not the type to break it. Of course, after we win the tournament, I can't guarantee anything." "Death will come long before surrender." "I’m sorry, a 30-ft killing machine wanted a word with us." "I’ve been under too much stress lately. Killing you should get a good rememdy." "I don't go where people tell me to, lady." "If you have any noble plans to stop me, I suggest you write your will." "Ninja's are revolting, they stole my idea. I'll have to kill them now." "How touching." "I hate to say it, but that's hardly hygenic. You have no idea how many demons that sword has cut through." "Who am I to turn down a fan's request? Just remember, you brought this upon yourself." "Perhaps you are not familiar with the concept of a force field." "You are as you should be." (about Youko Kurama) "Ha! It's all Kurama, down to the last drop... Seems that fool he's been fighting has turned him back into his demon form, before he was tainted by you humans." "Colorful getup you've got there, but it doesn't look very tough to me." "Janken? What the hell is that?!" "Your not making any sense!" "Only 300 seconds too late to matter." "What's worse, losing to an old man or a clown?" "He is a first class idiot." "This idiot makes Kuwabara look smart." "Hn, must be my lucky day after all." "I insist the fight be mine" "Tell me what does it feel like to be in a constent haze of stupitity." "What a fool, so intent on proving himself he couldn't notice your moves." "No. If you want to die, kill yourself." "I don't take orders especially from the one's I beat." "I have the power of the black dragon, because now I am the dragon." "Think you can find a safe place for my body where it won't get stepped on?" "6 HOURS WELL WHO WON THE TOURNAMENT! "Just don't get yourself killed." "hehehehehe hohohohohoho" "I should have known better to let Yusuke handle this fight.. one must never let emotions enter the ring!"

Black Saga

"The air in this town is thick with energy, demon insects flock to it like sharks to an open wound, a sign of things to come or is the danger already here?" "What repulsive creature... makes my eardrums bleed?" "So the great detective was ensnared, I wish I had been there to see it." "I'm finished babysitting" "You should've learned by now this is a kill or be killed world, if you're too weak to help yourself, you deserve to fall." "Heh, any buffoon can make a shield, how do we know your other claim isn't just a bluff?" "No three letter word could rule my fate.... HOT!" "If you know what's good for you, you will give us permission, unless you harbor a death wish." (to botan) "Touch me and I break your wrist." "Hn, I cou ld easilly slit your throat before you even think about doing something to the detective" "Koenma if these fools are finished talking I have my own question to ask. In what class do you rank me in." "You already have your fox, your clown, and your hag, I'm a moot point.... This is your world to look after, not mine, I don't intend to hinder your cause, but i'm not gonna help it either." "Quiet fool I don't need to be told to hurry up heh... It's in my nature... and now...the end." "Don't get sentimental detective." "What? Now I'm not even allowed to kill the bad humans? It's a few inches from his heart, if that's what you're worried about." "I was worried about the trees." "This wind coming in feels like home, it's comforting and it soothes me. It tastes like freshly spilled blood and the rotting flesh of decaying corpses. Look at it. The gateway to demon world will be open soon. Maybe I'll return home." "You're in no shape to be playing the hero." "I'm afraid I can't let you do that!" *attacks* *katana at Yusuke's neck* "For the second time today, I hold your life in my hands. somehow doubt that Sensui will be as merciful as I" *dark chuckle* "Kuwabara was ill-prepared for them and look what happened to him." "Do I have to kill you to keep you from being foolish?" *eyes glow* "It's been too long since our last fight. You ready?!" "You rose to the challenge, It seems you haven't lost your spirit power. You just needed a kick in the ass." "You really are a simple child, aren't you. You still don't get it? *spits out blood* do you remember when you fought Toguro in the tournament and we LET you think that Kuwabara had been killed? Back then you lacked the motivation to reach youre potential and Toguro went out of his way to bring it out. Sensui... just wants you dead. Harness you're own power if you hope to beat him. If you take anything from our scrimmage, take that. So go, save the human world. Or don't, I don't really care. Either way I'm fine with the outcome." "What are you laughing about?" *thinking* "I should've slit your thorat when I had the chance..." "But I hate Kuwabara. *starts to walk again* You do them one favor... and they think you're their best friend. *This* is why I could care less if their entire species was swallowed up." "The most forbiddon contraband in all of Spirit World? You think they'll let you walk out with it?" "Heh, you're quite clever when you put your mind to mischief." "Then this means that Mushiori City is adavanced to stage three. I believe that these demons are technically classified as weak and ugly." "Hey Yusuke, I think we've finally stumbled across a very good reason for me to help. If we don't defeat Sensui, we'll be overun with these vermin disgraces to the demon race and I would NOT enjoy that." "As much as I can't stand the humans, I think I loathe tourists even more." "I did away with sniper" "There goes that old familiar wind again. I think two days it overly optimistic." "Uh... why the... hell should we trust you?" "So this is the entrance to hell. It's drearier than I imagined." "You.. to stop talking." "Assuming of course that we live.. to come back." "Goblin City??" "I'm going to turn this thing off." "Then at least I'll know I tried."

Poltergeist Report

"The netherworld? Well in any case it has nothing to do with me." "Don’t mess with me!" "No one here has a good plan. I’ll take care of it myself." "Little one?" "Kurama, there is no one who does not carry scars on the heart. If there were someone in the world like that, it would be a shallow soul." "So even someone as calm as you occasionally gets angry. Hn, that’s good to know." "Leave this scum to me, you have no chance without your spiritual power." "Don't worry about me, there isn't time!" "This time, we will start the attack from our side!"

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