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Son Of A Gun
Yu Yu Hakusho
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YYH info:

Yu Yu Hakusho ran in the 90's in Japan, during the same time as the Cell and Buu Saga's of the famous Dragon Ball Z. During this run, YYH was one of the few shows to rival Z in popularity. It follows the story of Yuusuke Urameshi, a junior-high thug turned Spirit Detective, and his friends as they exterminate evil demons and protect the Human World. That's just a brief touch on the surface, however -- this anime has tons of depth, to it, spawning 112 episodes, 4 Specials, 2 official movies, and 1 fanmade movie. A main character from it, Kurama, was just recently voted the best Bishounen among females. It's a must for any anime fan to watch, and is a perfect Shounen-Action(Action for Boys) anime
In 2002 Yu Yu Hakusho was ranked #6 out of #100 anime's in America.

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