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Son Of A Gun


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Name:Yusuke Urameshi

Age:14 years


Race: Human, with some demon

Hair color:Black

Color of eyes:Brown

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 120 lbs

Status: Spirit Detective

Voice Actor: Justin Cook(English)

Voice Actor:Nozumu Sasaki Rik Nagel(Japanese)

In the begining of the series Yusuke Urameshi is a 14 year old delinquent who has a violent temper, no respect for authority and is a poor student.(As said by Botan) Yusuke is the toughest fighter in town and was always getting into fights especially with his rival Kuwabara. (who he easily defeated) Then one day Yusuke did something so unexpected that no one, not even the Spirit World (Reikai) had been expecting it. He did something genuinely good, he saved a boy's life by jumping in front of the car that was supposely going to hit the boy....and ended up roadkill for it. Because of the unusual circumstances, Yusuke is given an opportunity to be revived. He is reluctant at first...but after he learns just how much me meant to others, he agrees to try. It's a rough, brutal ordeal and in the end relies on both the goodness hidden deep in his tough exterior and the feelings others felt for him...but he ultimately succeeds and rejoins the world of the living. In exchange for his new lease on life, Yusuke is appointed the Living World's (Ningenkai's) Spirit Detective. You see, being a resurrected human has its side effects. Having been a ghost once, Yusuke has become spiritually sensitive, giving him the ability to see intruders to the Living World (Ningenkai) otherwise invisible to ordinary humans: ghosts and demons (youkai) and the like. He also now has a special technique that gives him a much more potent weapon than sheer physical force: his Spirit Gun (Rei Gun), a concentrated bolt composed of the sum of his spirit energy.(He shoots it out his index finger.) Originally, he's limited to using the technique once a day, but in the course of his cases, he receives special training to further boost his spiritual abilities and give him advanced techniques like the Shotgun (a multi-shot Spirit Gun burst). Also, he receives various devices from the Spirit World(Reikai) to assist in his missions (such as a spyglass and a communicator).




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