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Son Of A Gun

YYH Song Lyrics

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Here are the lyrics to the Yu Yu Hakusho theme songs:

Machi no hitogomi kata ga butsukatte hitoribocchi
Hatenai sougen kaze ga byunbyun to hitoribocchi
Docchi darou?
 nakitakunaru basho wa
Futatsu maru wo tsukete choppiri otona sa
Mechamecha kurushii kabe datte fui ni naze ka
Buchikowasu yuuki to power waite kuru no wa
Mechamecha kibishii hito-tachi ga fui ni miseta
Yasashisa no sei dattari suru n darou ne
Arigato ugozai masu!

Literal Translation
In a crowd on a city street, shoulders bumping, I'm alone
In an endless prairie, wind blowing hard, I'm alone
I wonder which is the place I'd want to cry?
Drawing two circles, I feel just a little grown-up.
Why does the gushing forth of courage and power
unexpectedly smash the extremely tortuous wall?
Perhaps it's because of the kindness
extremely stern people had unexpectedly shown.
Thank you!

The Homework Doesn't End

The pointed second hand

counts down the life I lead,

marking of my legacy of worldly deeds

tick tock tick

constantly I think of things I can't complete

well it's time to throw them into the backseat

Son of a gun

life's a fleeting dream don't let it go

you gotta make the most of it you know

don't stop now don't let it slipaway

you gotta live it up while you can 

and don't delay

For the fleeting dreams

they never stay


Kon'ya mo togatta byoushin
Toki wo kirikizande 'ru
Chi chi chi
Itsu made mo katazukanai
Hoomuwaaku nagedashi
Son of a gun!
Korogaru yume na n' da yo
Oikakete itai no wa
Tomareba nigete yuku yo
Ki wo nuicha dame na no sa
Korogaru yume na n' da yo...

Literal Translation
The pointed second-hand
Etches time tonight as well
Chi chi chi
Throwing away the homework
I can't ever get through with
Son of a gun!
It's a rolling dream
What I'd like to go after
If you stop it will get away
It's a matter of not losing heart
It's a rolling dream


Sayonara Bye Bye" (English)

I feel my aching heart about to break,
The gentle wind that blows fills the air with peacefulness,
We're standing face to face,
Hand in hand,
And then the evening twilight drapes its arms around us,
And it melts away,
It's just so funny,
Your smiling face and mine,
They're not the same,
But for right now it's as though I'm looking in a mirror,
And everything is fine,
No sadness at all,
So now I draw the line to live another journey,
'Cause even though we've been here together,
We're still different people,
But we're not alone,
Sayonara bye bye,
Please take care of yourself,
'Cause even though we've been here together,
We're still different people,
But we're not alone,
Sayonara bye bye,
Please take care of yourself,


Fukkiru hazu no kokoro ni sotto yokogiru kaze wa yasashiku
Mukaiatte nigitta te to te wo itsumo tasogare ga tsutsumi tokashite yuku
Okashii ne Kore-botchi mo nite inai anata to watashi no egao ima dewa
Kagami wo mite 'ru you na kibun
Kanashimanai Heiki da kara ne
Nanige nai aisatsu ni kakurete 'ru "arigatou"
Sayonara byebye Genki de ite ne
Watashi kara kiridashita kejime da kara kyatchi shite yo
Sayonara byebye Genki de ite ne

Literal Translation
To the supposedly slashed heart the softly crossing wind is gentle
The sunset always wraps the hands that met and clasped each other and goes melting
It's funny This doesn't match My face with yours now
I feel like looking in the mirror
Don't be sad 'Coz it's all right
A "thank you" hides in the casual greeting
Sayonara byebye Stay fine
'Coz it's a distinction from me do catch it
Sayonara byebye Stay fine

Unbalanced Kiss (English)

Within a broken mirror, I clearly see your reflection.
Tears roll down your face... Tears roll down your face...
As your finger traces the edge of the new moon.
Who is that I'm calling out to?
I can see you walk away from me.
Time and time again... Time and time again...
You'll find me knocking at your door.
With my back pressed against the weight of the world
and the speed of the night.
It felt as if a thread was snapping in two
And I held on to you... Held on to you... Held on to you...
With all my might.
As you share an unbalanced kiss with me,
I hope you can feel us getting closer to love.
And may your fear and tearful deceptions come to rest in my heart.
Oh, my love

Japanese :

Wareta kagami no naka
Naite iru Naite iru
Hosoi tsuki no nazoru yubi
Dare wo yonde iru no kieta koi no senaka
Nando demo Nando demo
Kimi no mado wo tataku kara
Yoru no kasokudo ni senaka osarete
Ito ga kireru you ni
Tada, kimi wo kimi wo tsuyoku daite 'ta
Anbaransu na Kiss wo kawashite
Ai ni chikazuke yo
Kimi no namida mo kanashii uso mo
Boku no kokoro ni

Literal Translation
In the shattered mirror Your reflected image
Crying Crying
A finger tracing the narrow moon
Are you calling someone The back of love that has gone
No matter how many times No matter how many times
Because I knock on your window
Like a thread being cut
Your back is pushed by the acceleration of the night
Only, you you I embrace tightly
Exchanging unbalanced kisses
Comes closer to love
May Both your tears and your sorrowful deceptions
come to rest in, my heart.

The Sun Will Shine Again

When My letter reaches you,please don't break the seal. Just wait a little while, give it time to heal, and I believe you'll understand, just exactly how I feel, this is my last and my most loving request. With a restless  innocence, our hearts began to race. With one thing on our mind, we foolishly embraced. Now as twiglight closes in, I see you from a distance place. And I wish for you, all the courage that you'll ever need, to be your best! And although it storms and it's raining outside. All the people of the city still believe in the existence of the sun. And a forgotten melody, and the birds in our hands. A life without pain, is a life without joy without fun!

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