Yukina Saga:
"Have you sent him?"
"Do you think Hiei suspects anything."
Hiei probably senses something wrong, but he'll leave Yusuke to solve it."
"I guess I didn't need to come here after all."
"Why don't you want to tell the girl, she deserves to know
she has a brother."
"I'm sorry, I thought the two were the same."
Dark Tournement Saga:
"How does it feel to be the one pursued?"
Black Saga:
"It's too bad I don't carry around a locket of his hair."
"So we will write our names on the seals and attach them to one another, so we know immediately if someone is hurt. Hopefully these are allowed."
"Did Hiei forget that his soul was the first to be lost"
"Sensui, why keep putting us in these situations"
"Rely on impulse, and not even your thoughts can betray you."
"I'm sorry was that suppose to hurt me?"
"The deed is done."
"The victim cannot escape from the tree of hallucination till the day he dies. But you keep coming back from the dead... It will never end. But that's good, because you don't even deserve to die."
"You know me well."
"It seems fourtune has been my friend."
"I must finish this book first."
"As fun as a Biology meet sounds, my weekends are full."
"Nerd violence."
"Don't tell me."
"Well you did have me scared."
Maybe it's the wrong aproach, instead of finding him is there an item that will let him find us?"
"You're hardly the standard for wild outbursts.
"Now which item will find him?"
"Couldn't Hiei simply decieve it by manipulating his energy."
"In less than an hour."
"It penetrates my brain."
"You better read this."
" You must be curious Hiei, someone strong enough to capture Yusuke must surely provide a challenge."
"Multiple personalities."

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