Part One
          "Oh Yoko, Yoko Kurama.  How can I still love you," whispers a beautiful and tempting voice.  The owner of the voice gently pulls her fingers through her glossy, pink hair.  Her pink eyes twinkle with sadness as tears roll down her soft cheeks.
          "After all he has done to me!  All the pain!  All the misery!  Yet my heart still aches for him.  My mind still thinks about him every single day.  My soul will not bear hatred of him, but I hate him," she continued as she twisted a rose in her hand.
In the human world...
          "Shuuichi!  It's time for school," yelled Shiori.
          The red head hadn't realized he was late!  His peculiar dream had kept him in confusion all morning.  He had to rush to get ready and ran to school.
          He was halfway to school, when he ran into a girl running in the opposite direction of him.  They collided and the girl fell backwards and dropped all her books.  Shuuichi just realizing what had happened, picked up the girl's books, then the picked up the girl.  She was unconscious.  He held her in his arms, then carried her to the school nurse as fast as he could.
          "Where...where am I," asked the girl as she started to awaken.  She eyed the nurse, then a very good-looking girl?  No it can't be.  It is a boy, isn't it?  She looked closely at the figure and clothing.  He is wearing a boy's school uniform, so he must be a boy, she concluded.
          "I think she is finally conscious," said the nurse.  "You are in the school nurse's office honey.  I am the nurse.  You had quite a bump on your head, but no skeletal damage.  Good thing Shuuichi carried you here!"
          "Shuuichi?" puzzled the girl as she looked at the red head.
          "I noticed you were wearing my school uniform, so I thought the best place to bring you was here," said Shuuichi.
          "Thank you very much," said the girl as she lifted her head and sat up. 
          "As you just heard, my name is Shuuichi.  What is yours?" asked Shuuichi.
          "Kara.  Kara Sakasimo," she said shyly.
          Kurama looked into her light blue eyes and asked, "Would you like me to walk you to your class?"
          "Sure.  I would love to," said Kara as she looked at her schedule.  "I am going to biology class 3rd period." 
          "That's perfect," Kurama said with a grin.  "That's my next class."
          "Oh really," said Kara.
          "Okay class who can explain this equation?"  Kurama raised his hand.  "Anyone besides Suichi," said the teacher boredly.  "How about you new girl,"said the teacher while pointing at Kara.
          "I'll try," said Kara shyly.  Kara quietly went up to the board and wrote a big explanation on the board that only Suuichi and the teacher
           "Why Kara, that is more than right, that was perfect," exclaimed the teacher.
          The bell rang and the students left for their next class.  Kurama looked at Kara's schedule.
          "Looks like we're in all of the same classes," he said cheerfully.

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