Birthday: June 6, 1965
          Birth Place: Tokyo
          Birth Name: Megumi Ogata

  • Megumi Ogata was born on June 6, 1965 in Tokyo. She was born to a classical music-loving family, and at the age of three, she began to play the piano. Later on, she learned to play various musical instruments such as guitar, bass, and cello. She graduated from Toho lady junior high school and high school, and left the department of oceanography in Tokai University before graduating. She graduated from the department of music and the graduate course of Tokyo Seisen Music Academy (now "Showa Ongaku Art Institute").

    It was while in primary school that Ogata became interested in plays after attending a literary exhibition at an elementary school. During her high school days, she attended a training school for performers. During her school days in a musical vocational school, she performed at commercial stages, and also devoted herself to musical training and part-time jobs at clubs and bars where she recited to her own accompaniment. She participated in a popular small theatrical company called, "Neverland Musical Community" and was a member after graduation.

    When the theatrical company closed, she turned to the field of voice acting. She quickly became a popular voice actress when she played Kurama in the CX TV animation, "Yu-Yu-Hakusho" which was also her debut work as a voice actress. Then she appeared on various popular works, such as the role of Sailor Uranus (Haruka Tenoh) in the ANN TV animation "Sailor Moon", the role of Shinji Ikari, the hero in the TX TV animation "Neon Genesis Evangelion", and a gifted girl, Maya Kitajima the heroine of the video animation "Garasu no kamen (Mask of Glass)".

    Her skilled performances and ability to play various roles naturally, from a child to grown-up adult, serious ones and even comical ones, made her one of the leaders of the voice acting industry.

    Moreover, her witty talks and tender counseling for listeners made her a popular radio personality. She scolded listeners earnestly as an adult lady, and she was called "a-ni-ki (brother)" by her fans (though she is a lady). QR radio program "Ogata Megumi no ginga ni hoero!" collected over 2000 postcards from listeners. It was a wonderful 30 minutes program. It is now a number-one legendary radio program, which many people want to listen to again. Her essay columns have also won popularity.

    She also took advantage of her rich expression skills and trained singing ability to become a singer-song writer. She has released CD singles and albums and performed in live concerts. In 2000, she renamed her artist name to "em:ou". Her live performances won popularity not only in Japan, but also in Hong Kong and New York. In the summer of 1999, she held the live stage "Tsuki no Yoru ni Ai ma Shou! (See You at the Night of Moonlight!) Vol.1" in which she played five roles and sang. In the summer of 2000 she held the live performance, "Tsuki no Yoru ni Ai ma Shou! Vol.2" with 12 popular voice actors and actresses. The performance was very popular.

    After this stage of showing her talents as a performer, producer and screenplay writer, she took a long vacation. She traveled around Japan, New York and Mongolia. In the spring of 2001, she went back to work.

Birthday: January 22, 1961
        Birth Name: Nakahara Shigeru
            No info so far except he is the Japanese Youko Kurama Voice actor...

Hiyama Noboyuki
pic2Birthdate: August 25, 1967
                Birth Place: Hiroshima
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