Smile Bomb
Running in a crowd in a faceless town
I need to feel the touch of a friend
In the country side I wonder far and wide
The isolation gets me again
I don't know where to go, when I feel like crying, oh my
It's time to open myself, do something new
I wanna stop and grow up a bit.
Then suddenly my power and confidence starts swelling up, magically erupts
And it's all because the kindness that I feel, from people I don't even know!
Then suddenly my intuition and my wisdom grow and then I know
That most of all I sense compassions weild into strangers wherever I go!
Thank you for waking me up!


Hohemi no bukdan

Machi no hitogomi kata ga butsukatte hitoribocchi
Hatenai sougen kaze ga byunbyun to hitoribocchi
Docchi darou?
 nakitakunaru basho wa
Futatsu maru wo tsukete choppiri otona sa
Mechamecha kurushii kabe datte fui ni naze ka
Buchikowasu yuuki to power waite kuru no wa
Mechamecha kibishii hito-tachi ga fui ni miseta
Yasashisa no sei dattari suru n darou ne
Arigato ugozai masu!

Literal Translation
In a crowd on a city street, shoulders bumping, I'm alone
In an endless prairie, wind blowing hard, I'm alone
I wonder which is the place I'd want to cry?
Drawing two circles, I feel just a little grown-up.
Why does the gushing forth of courage and power
unexpectedly smash the extremely tortuous wall?
Perhaps it's because of the kindness
extremely stern people had unexpectedly shown.
Thank you!

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