Chapter One
          It was a nice day in the human world when Hiei, a fire demon, had fallen asleep in his favorite tree. 
          Suddenly, he heard a female voice tell him to watch out.  As she finished saying this, a fire arrow shot through the tree and into the sky, almost hitting Hiei.
          He jumped down and was about to yell at the girl, when he stopped.  All he could do was stare.  He had never seen anyone like her before.
          She was the same height  as he was with long, black hair that she wore in a ponytail.  She had wide, light blue eyes to go with her black hair.  As she ran towards him, he noticed a bow slung over her shoulder.
          "I'm sorry," she said as she came up beside him.
          Hiei was pulled out of his gaze and as he turned away, he replied with a "Hn".  Then he ran off and went to find a different tree.
          The next day, Hiei decided he would tease Kuwabara a bit.  He checked all the places he thought Kuwabara would be.  Finally, he found him.
          Kuwabara was walking with his friends, trying to act cool like they owned the place.
          "Hn."  Hiei smirked.  That baka is in for it today, he thought.
          Right before he was about to trip Kuwabara, Kurama ran up to him and whispered something into his ear.  Then they both ran off.
          Hiei became curious and began to follow them.  Soon, it was clear that they were going to Yusuke's apartment.  After they went inside, Hiei waited a few minutes before entering, acting as if he had known about it all along.
          "So Yusuke," said Kurama in a quiet voice.  "What's the matter?"
          "I'll let you see for yourself," replied Yusuke.  Then he opened up the computer/briefcase that Botan had given him.
          On the screen appeared a toddler with a pacifier in his mouth and the word "Jr." on his hat.
          It was Koenma!  He was Prince of the Spirit World and ruled it most of the time, but only until his father would get back from a trip.
          "Hello Yusuke, Kurama, Kuwabara...Hiei," said Koenma in a serious voice.  "Well you know I have a new case for you.  It should be really easy though.  It appears another human has gotten spirit energy and powers."
          "What about it," asked Yusuke in a bored tone.
          "If you'd listen to me I'd tell you," shouted Koenma.  "Now then, I want you to find her and persuade her to join our side before someone else gets her."
          "Wait a minute, did you say her," asked Yusuke as he realized what Koenma had said.  "You mean we get to meet a girl?"  Suddenly Yusuke grinned and said, "Koenma, we're at your service!"
          "Wait one minute Yusuke," said Koenma sternly.  "I need to tell you her powers and show you what she looks like."
          A picture appeared on the screen.  As Hiei looked at the picture, his eyes widened in recognition.

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