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Counter started Oct.13, 04


10*22~WOW, this layout thang is really hard. Im sorry the sites taking to long, since I'm new to this and everything... Kimiko finally got her internet back! Now it should be easier to do. Also, school hasnt been very helpful either.>.<


10*14~Hn ATTENTION! When you go to one of the pages on our site, it opens to another page. Those pages will have a nv bar on it. Don't click on those links! Just exit the page when your done looking at it and go to the other pages on the homepage. I'm still trying to work it out. Yukito's trying to help me.

10*14~L00k At our LAYOUT!!! Thanks Yukito for making it for us! Still trying to convert all the pages. Sorry!I'm still getting the links for the pages strait

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