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The Homework Doesn't End
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The Homework Doesn't End

The pointed second hand counts down the life I lead

Marking off my legacy of worldly deeds

Tick Tock Tick

Constantly I think of things I can't complete

Well it's time to throw them into the backseat

Son of a Gun!

Life's a fleeting dream, don't let it go.

You gotta make the most of it you know

Don't stop now, don't let it slip away  oh no

Live it up while you can and don't delay  Oh NOOOOO!

For the fleeting dreams, they never stay!



Kon'ya mo togatta byoushin
Toki wo kirikizande 'ru
Chi chi chi
Itsu made mo katazukanai
Hoomuwaaku nagedashi
Son of a gun!
Korogaru yume na n' da yo
Oikakete itai no wa
Tomareba nigete yuku yo
Ki wo nuicha dame na no sa
Korogaru yume na n' da yo...

Literal Translation:

The pointed second-hand
Etches time tonight as well
Chi chi chi
Throwing away the homework
I can't ever get through with
Son of a gun!
It's a rolling dream
What I'd like to go after
If you stop it will get away
It's a matter of not losing heart
It's a rolling dream

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