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Son Of A Gun
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Name:Kazuma Kuwabara

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 14 years

Hair: Orange


Height: 6'3"

Status: Part of Yusuke's crew

Voice: Christopher Sabat(English)

Voice: Shigeru Chiba (Japanese)

Kazuma is Kuwabara's first name but only two people call him that, his older sister Shizuru, and Yukina. Kuwabara may seem like just a big ugly stupid guy who fights, but deep down inside he is a lot more. He is compassinate and sweet. He holds his honor above anything else and helps others when they are in need, even if they are his enemies. Kuwabara isn't really my favorite charater n Yu Yu Hakusho but, he is not my least favorite etheir. To be truthful I kind of feel sorry for him. His friends almost always leave him out of things and don't give him too much credit when it comes to fighting. He may just seem loud and idiotic but he does truly have a heart of gold.

Kuwabara starts out in the series as Yusuke's rival, but ends up his best friend. He is one of the few people who cared that Yusuke was dead.

Yusuke is very protective of Kuwabara. Kuwabara seems like the weakest and dumbiest fighter on Yusuke's crew but he reallyis strong, he is the strongest full human on the crew, and he has high spirit awareness.At the beginning of the series Kuwabara had a crush on Botan but now he is in love with Yukina. When she is around no one esle seems to matter. Kuwabara uses a spirit sword

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