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Son Of A Gun
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Name: Hiei
Translation: Flying Shadow ("Hi" meaning "fly" and "Ei" meaning "shadow")
Race: 1/2 fire youkai(fire demon) , 1/2 koorime(ice demon)
Class: A-class Youkai
AKA: The Forbidden Child
Family: Hina(mother), Yukina(twin sister), Unknown Fire demon(his father)
Age: UnknownEyes: redHeight::4'10(without his hair) Hair: Black, blue highlights, white starburst

Specialty: Ja Oh Ensatso Ken, Ja Oh Ensatso Kokoryuuha(Darkness techniques)

Weakness: I guess you could say Yukina since he would do anything for her.

Weapon: Katana(sword), Jagan(3rd eye), His Speed
Gender: Male ^^
Voice Actor:: Hiyama Nobuyuki (Japanese), Chuck Huber (American)

Hiei was born in the island of the Koorimes,he was born from the

union of the ice maiden Hina and an unknown fire demon.

Since he was male and part fire demon the other ice maidens ordered for him to be tossed of the floating island and left to die in the cruel world below. Before they threw him off the island, Rui, a friend of his mother, gave him a hiruiseki stone that his mother cried while giving birth. She also gave him permission that if he ever survived, he could come back and take his revenge on them. Hiei did survive and was brought up by a ring of demon theives. He became an A-class demon because he was so powerful the theives were afraid of him and he was abandoned once more. Later, he got a Jagan eye implanted so he could find his twin sister Yukina. The Jagan is a third eye that allows the used to control minor demons and summon immense powers. The demon Shigure implanted it for Hiei, under one condition of course:: Hiei could never tell Yukina he was her brother.

The Jagan implantation almost killed him, lowering him down to a lower D class(the weakest of demons).Using his Jagan, he found the island of koorime and met Rui. She told him that his sister had left the island few years ago in search of her brother. Even though he had permission to eliminate the

Koorime race, he left the island once more to continue his search for his sister.
He was led to the Ningenkai, where he met Kurama. Hiei thought that Kurama was the one holding Yukina captive, and the two fought, Kurama being the victor because Hiei still had not recovered from the implantation. He healed Hiei's wounds and later the two became allies, teaming up a kyukonki named Gouki to steal the Artifacts of Darkness. Soon they met up with Yusuke and were captured. As their punishment, they would offer their services as Reikai Tantei. Hiei along with Kurama, Yusuke, and Kuwabara go on missions to save the world. He finds his sister and addresses himself as a friend, or in the english version, just a member of the team.Hiei eventually becomes a good guy, earning the trust of his team mates. At the end of the series Hiei goes to Makai as Mukuro's heir.

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